Now its NOKIA’S turn…………………..!!!!!!!

The Finnish cellphone maker, which is weeks away from completing the sale of its handset division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, on Monday announced its first phone based on Google’s Android operating system.


As Nokia introduced a brand new family of smartphones, the Nokia X family, a range of handsets that combines Nokia design, build quality and services with the ability to run Android apps. Devices known as the X and the X+. So the matters come of huge competition and revelry. Specifically in India still Micromax and Samsung are the two leader and they are just because of their budget constraints cell with android application which are user friendly.

Like other cellphone makers, Microsoft Nokia  has focused much of its attention on fast-growing developing economies that are expected to be the main driver for growth in the industry. Nokia has suffered years of declining sales for its smartphones, as the likes of Apple and Samsung have ousted the Finnish company as the world’s largest maker of high-end phones.

By targeting the phones primarily at emerging markets, Nokia said the devices – under the Nokia X brand – would help educate new customers about the company’s existing offerings and connections to Microsoft. The price of the phone is between the company’s high-end Lumia smartphones and its low-cost Asha devices. The aim is to attract consumers in countries like India and Brazil who are looking to buy their first smartphone to access applications such as Facebook and Skype, he added.

The X will have a 4-inch, 840 x 480 IPS screen, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage expandable storage via microSD slot and 3-megapixel camera, while the X+ sports the same specs but more RAM (768 MB) and an included 4GB microSD card. You won’t be getting Google’s apps or Play store, however as both handsets will be based on the forked AOSP Android OS. Nokia says that’ll have the advantages of the Android ecosystem, but with a “differentiated experience.” So far, Here Maps, MixRadio, Skype and Outlook are being featured on the Nokia Store. You can access the Nokia and third party stores using the devices, but not Google Play, obviously. We’ve heard SwiftKey will be available on the Nokia X range (and for free, too), as will BBM, which is also coming to Windows Phone sometime “this summer.”



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