the Worlds Biggest Banner IKEA IS REALLY GREAT!!!

I’m really glad that agencies are still trying to innovate and be extra creative inside banner ads, they are begging for it as a whole, and a great banner easily becomes brilliant! Every month or so someone sends through a banner ad cool enough to post and today is that day.
Presenting… IKEA’s smallest store in the world, yet perhaps it’s also the biggest banner ad ever seen, fitting all 2800+ products inside the banner, equivalent to every single product in an entire IKEA store.


Here’s a new piece of student work from a team at Miami Ad School, aimed at bringing Augmented Reality story telling to every LEGO set around the world. Grab a box, build the object brick by brick and then hold up an iPhone or iPad to bring it to life, creative an interactive story that constantly evolves as you continue to build and change that model. I think we’ve seen some similar concepts before, but the next generation of creatives will be exciting!


I am an MBA student pursuing P.G from UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, MUMBAI. College is excellent in all terms, full of greenery, surrounded by mountains and natural fountains, overall it has a green environment so called green b school.
But unfortunately I was ailing and hospitalized to the DHIRUBHAI AMBANI HOSPITAL, MUMBAI by some of my lovely and caring friends. And now here the story begins where auspiciously I met a DR. ARUN RANADE one who operated my operation, I was there for four days, every day he came to check me and tell me something about his life which motivates me a lot and encourage me to take a step forward for poor.
He was born in Khamgaon, Mumbai in 14thof june 1950 , coincidently it was a day whenKARL LANDSTEINER was born, one who discovered the blood group and just because of KARL LANDSTEINER it is celebrated as BLOOD DONOR’S DAY every year .
DR. ARUN RANADE completed his M.S (Master Of Surgery) from SION hospital, BOMBAY in 1980, currently working as a surgeon at DHERUBHAI AMBANI HOSPITAL, MUMBAI and also S.M.O in ARTC ( Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation) a HIV treatment centre.
3070 patient are registered in ARTC in last five years for free HIV investigation and treatment under his guidance. Dr. Ranade has performed more than 15,000 major & minor operations since 1981. Having specialised in trauma surgery, he has been attached as panel surgeon for the last 10 years with CIPLA, Reliance Industries Ltd., Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd., Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, LIC & the Panvel Municipal Hospital. He has also motivated up to twelve persons to donate their eyes after death. One of these donors happens to be the doctor’s mother! , infact Dr. Ranade himself will donate many organs of his body after his death. More than 80 blind people got vision just because of the efforts of Dr. Ranade. He has also ensured that five bodies have been donated to the Aanatomy Department of the Medical College. 145 times he has personally donated blood and provided blood more than 12000 needy patient. They arranged marriages between 16 HIV POSITIVE people and interesting part is that four of them have HIV NEGATIVE children, free treatment was given by NACO (National Aids Control Organization) .Help fourty orphan children to be adopted by childless couple. Won around 90 national & international awards and this still going on
Dr.Ranade deliver the lectures on sex education , AIDS awareness & treatment ,blood donation, eye donation, body donation, organ donation and personality development all over nation, TV, radio, even in the foreign countries.
My dear this is a real hero, an honoured person who save’s the people, help the people beyond the limit. In the age of 64 he is still full of enthusiasm, energy, positive attitude and kindness.
He motivates so many people, we also have to motivates ourselves, learn something from him and have to contribute in the nation development .
So my dear friends here is the time of action…
Lets do it………………!!!!!!


For any medical circumstances, to get information regarding to HIV, AIDS, SEX EDUCATION, BLOOD DONATION, EYE DONATION, BODY & ORGAN DONATION and conducting GUEST LECTURE , further more you want to donate anything relevant to medical purpose you may contacts at
Mobile no:- +919867151534



My dears friends do you know that what is a digital marketing? Each and every day we use the amazing 


world of internet, everyday we see around 2000 of advertisement out of which more than 50% we see on internet i.e 1000.
everyday we do Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Yahoo, Twitter ans so on… do you know all these are a part of digital marketing , yes these all and many more are a part of digital marketing but most of time we are not concerning.

now i am going to tell you that what is a digital marketing? and answer is that “ digital marketing is the promotion of products, brands and services via internet or online” so when digital marketing comes to our mind it means that it is online marketing.

In this picture you can see that how digital marketing and promoting of product of snapdeal is doing on youtube website, it’s just a example there are many more things which i tell you later.


Top five things which should never be shared on Facebook



London, Sept. 3 (ANI): The social media has become an integral part of everyday life but users need to be aware of what and how much they share on sites like Facebook which might be used by malicious hackers. 

Those users who use the name of their pets as password for their social media account should try and avoid revealing it online and a recent research by Google indicated that 1 in 6 people use their pet’s name as password.

Another of such social media shares which make a strict no-no is one’s mother’s maiden name, which is a security question asked by a bank and users who have their family added in their social media account should keep their privacy settings high in order to avoid any hacking, reports.

Apart from mother’s maiden name, security question related to first school attended can also be used as a potential tool for hacking into one’s account.

The report said that revealing one’s birth date is equally sensitive to be put online and if someone wants to reveal, they shouldn’t mention the year.

Next comes announcing the web world about one’s trip out of town or display of expensive things which might be of interest to robbers or an active GPS.